Mobile App Development

Developing mobile app can difficult and expensive. That is why we are here to support to bring your ideas to life at the budget you have. It is even more affordable when you use 856CMS, and our other platforms.

Website & Software

Building a website is expensive? At least it is what you heard before. But it is WRONG! With Bizgital, we make it even more affordable and right for your budget. We also can make the web become a software e.g for School Management System, Hospital, Clinic, or other kind of business

Cloud Hosting & Cloud VPS 

The Cloud Computing is a famous solution of the internet these days. With 856Cloud, your service is fast in every region, NO downtime when upgrade, Pay what you used, cancel at anytime, and importantly you have full control of your system. Setup and installation time? Faster than your 10 IT employees can do


 Graphic designer

First signs of your media is the most important thing to get  people to know you. With our experienced professional graphic designers, we design the right one for you. We work to fit your budget and needs. Importantly, if you don’t like it, you won’t be charged

Digital Marketing

There are no better way of promoting and doing your marketing than the online channel. We have professional teams that will help to promote your business online using Facebook, SEO technique, and other Digital Channel. Forget about hiring people, our teams will help promoting your business to the right target at the right cost.

Point Of Sale And School Management System

Let us help you manage your stores with 856 Point Of Sale. We have both Hardware and Softwarewith a fast online support. You can access realtime sale of your stores from home or everywhere in the world (thanks to our cloud service). We Also provide a solution for the future of school system. We have School Management system where Student, teacher, parents can access information online and get real time communication, and their performance in school.


Contact Us

You can contact us via a contact form here, or below contact information

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Vientiane, Laos

Phone: +(856 20) 5533-2207

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: http://facebook.com/bizgital

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